Sunday, November 11, 2012

Studs On

looks like the reflective sidewalls work!

Snow was in the forecast for last Friday and like many people in Spokane, I wait till the last minute to get my snow tires on.  I thought about dropping the bike off at Les Schwab Tires and see if they would put the studs on my Muirwoods (changing tires is one of those jobs I hate), but I ended up swapping out the tires myself Thursday evening.  The snow wasn't too bad Friday morning once I got down off the hill we live on, and mostly bare pavement, but the studs came in handy in a few slick spots.

Um, what's the bike doing inside in the to-go ordering area of a downtown chain eatery?  Well, my wife and I made plans for me to pick up dinner after work, and then she would swing by and give me, the bike, and dinner a ride home. But I didn't bring a lock with me - got tired of hauling that 30 lb. U-lock to work and back when I hardly ever need it, so left it at home that day.  Luckily they didn't mind me parking it inside. Or at least they didn't say so.  I tipped pretty good for an order to go.

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