Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the Dreaded Sit-up Bike

Well, it happens. I'm over 50 with mostly gray hair.  So every once in awhile I'll walk into a shop and the bike shop guy (not many bike shop gals here) will decide I look like the perfect candidate for an old man bike: the sit-up bike.  Even if I've mostly shown interest in the mountain and 'cross bikes.  I'm still boycotting one local shop because after I told the guy I ride a combination of street and off-road and was looking for a similar bike for a friend in his 30's, he ignored what I just said and went into his sales pitch that ended up with us over at the sit-up bikes. Then both he and the owner/mgr dissed cyclocross.

I guess it could've been worse: he could've shown me a recumbent.

There are many sit up bike proponents out there.  Easier on your back they say. You can see better, having a wider angle of view. All good reasons.

But despite my age,  I don't want a sit-up bike.  I've seen people try to go uphill on them or try to ride fast.  No thanks.  I am able to see fine riding to work or around town on my flat bar hybrid Marin or cyclocross bikes.  No old man bike for me.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I guess I shouldn't take it personally.  They are a good option for many people, and not just for the over 50 crowd.  So maybe I shouldn't slam them as old man bikes.

What's funny is I did get passed once by a guy riding a sit-up bike while I was riding home near Audubon Park during my different week in January. That was sobering. But he was younger, maybe in his early 30's.  It did make me rethink them.  But I still don't want one.


I can see myself someday channelling my grampa, who rode around Ephrata on one of those old 3 speed bikes, sitting up straight and wearing a fedora.

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  1. I think your position is justified and that you should stand your ground. That said, I also think your grampa sounds rad.