Friday, June 15, 2012

Biking Downtown

I was waiting downtown at the library last month sometime for my wife to pick me up after work, watching the traffic, walkers and bikers. This intersection is always interesting to watch. Usually, I'm fearing for the safety of people crossing the street here at the crosswalk that's hidden by the two white vehicles in the picture above.  There's a steady stream of cars coming north towards the library and turning left. With a slight downhill, many of them pick up speed just before the intersection. And with two lanes turning left, I'm worried someone in the outside lane won't be paying attention and not notice there's people crossing in the crosswalk.

It's hard to tell, but the cyclist in the above picture is in a bike lane.  I had pulled out my camera after watching two cyclists before this one come to a stop at the light here, then weave over to their right in the intersection, then weave back over to their left and back into the bike lane after the intersection. I try to be tolerant of other bikers practices, but I hate to see people weaving back and forth as they ride. I know they think they're safer if they move over in the intersection, but I'm not so sure about that.

So I thought I'd try and get pic of the next biker that came through, to get a picture of them weaving over, I don't know why. But the traffic and the this next biker that came through (above, hmmm...he looks a little familiar) didn't cooperate. The biker had stopped behind the wide white line at the red light, but when the light turned green there were vehicles stuck in the intersection, unable to move forward.  He deftly navigated his way through the vehicles blocking his path.  I'm pretty sure if the hulks of steel and plastic hadn't been blocking his way, he would've rode straight through without weaving.

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