Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So Many Choices

hey long time no hi-C. Not much going on here, but this is all I got, something I started and abandoned before my little hand problem.

Drop bar, flat bar, swept-back bar, chopper style.

Cycle Chic - "Style over Speed"; Vehicular Cycling - "fast, efficient"; Try to follow most rules of the road but don't stop fully at stop signs when it's clear (just like cars do); Just ride

Bike Specific clothes, racing kit, street clothes, combination Street and Bike.

Clipless pedals, platform pedals, half and halfs

caliper, disc, v-brake, no brakes.

Sit up, hunch over, relaxed, aggressive position.

Mountain, urban, racing, road, touring, hybrid, rando.

26, 29er, 700c, 27x1&1/4, 650b, skinny, wide

10 speed, single, 24, 28, 20

triple crank, double, single

I give up, there's just too many possibilities to list all of them. But they all seem to be good.


  1. Excellent post, love the flow. And good use of your down time.

    Things broken, strained and sprained truly suck. Hope you're having good day-to-day progress and that maybe you'll be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel soon, if you haven't already.

  2. Thanks, Pat. Yes I do believe I'm seeing some end tunnel light getting closer. Out of my cast, hand's a little stiff but I may be able to grip a handlebar soon. Just might not be able to shift or brake so good with that hand!

  3. Scott, I'd like to talk to you off-blog about the John Wayne trail. When you have a minute, could you shoot me a quick email - pat[dot]sprute[at]