Saturday, April 14, 2012

It became a habit

Somewhere, in one of those bicycle magazines in an article on one of those training plans that I never follow, I read it takes so many times or days of doing something to develop a habit.  Can't remember how many times, but I just googled "habit" and one guy claims the number is 66.  I'm a bit skeptical of claims like this, so I like this answer I also found on the internet: It depends.

I don't know how long it took me, but somewhere along the line it became a habit to get up in the morning and ride to work.  Like others, I started bike commuting a few days a week. I'd wake up and I want to ride my bike today?  Oh I don't know, I'll have to get my bag ready, maybe bring a change of clothes, check my bike.  Maybe not today.

But then I figured out I get to and from work in about the same time it takes to drive to work and park, or take the bus, or get a ride to work from my wife.  And it's cheaper - well my wife doesn't charge for driving me to work, but I usually take the bus home after getting a ride to work. And it's funner than riding the bus or driving.   It's funny - I might be tired after a long day of work, but once I get moving on the bike I wake up a bit.

So I learned to have my bike and bag always ready to go.  I get up in the morning like normal, shower, make a lunch maybe and throw whatever else I need in the bag and get on the bike and ride.

Well, I wrote this before I broke the little bone in my hand, but my bike and bag are still ready to go whenever I am.


  1. I have a long commute so I don't ride the whole way - I have a folding bike that I keep in my trunk, and ride once I get closer to the office. If the weather is really bad or I'm feeling sick, I still sometimes drive all the way to work, but most of the time I ride. Talk about a bike that's ready to go whenever I am...

  2. This would be an opportune time for your wife to start charging for rides.

    Kidding aside, sorry about the crash and break. Hope you're back in the saddle sooner than later.