Friday, February 10, 2012

A close call

I'd left for work early one day last week and it was a little dark and and cloudy outside. While going down Alberta near Driscoll, I got a whiff of skunk. Whew!

The next day as I rode by the same spot I saw something straight ahead in my path. Got closer and realized it was a dead skunk. Must've been the one I smelled the day before, and had only missed running over by inches! Sorry, no pictures. It was there for a few days, but I never managed to stop and get one.

I've had a few close encounters with squirrels, and even ran over one poor little guy's tail, but am glad I missed this critter. Don't think I could've brought my bike into work like I usually do, and folks probably wouldn't appreciate me parking it in the rack out front of Madeleine's.

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