Friday, February 17, 2012


My wife cringes a little bit sometimes when she sees me ready to leave for work. I don't know why - brown socks with blue shoes and banded leg. Looking at the picture, the band reminds me of those leg bands that wildlife biologists attach to bird legs to track their movements.

These Skechers are actually good for riding in the winter as they're thicker than canvas sneakers and have kept my toes warm on the chilly days. It snowed a little Tuesday, so I took the studded tire bike on Wednesday. It has platform pedals on it, which meant I had to wear regular sneakers which meant I put on the first pair I saw which were these - my backyard shoes.  They're in worse condition than they look here.

And once I lose that reflective leg band, I'm never buying any more. Going back to rubber bands.  I had some narrow yellow bands for awhile, but managed to lose those over time, and then bought these wide black ones at $4 each. The first time I wore one of the black ones, I didn't get halfway to work before I felt my pant legs flapping and found it had fallen off somewhere. Then one of the lost yellow ones appeared out of nowhere a few months back and I started using it. But the velcro was going bad and finally lost that one somewhere in downtown Spokane last week.

I'm looking forward to warmer weather and hope to start leaving early enough so I have time to change out of shorts or knickers into work pants. My wife will like that.

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  1. yeah. those bands are a disappointment. I don't even stop to pick them up anymore when i see them in the road. There are metal clips too -- I call them Bender Clips, after the famous, and righteous Bill Bender who commutes in fine wool suits.

    As for canvas sneakers: hard to go wrong there. they're surprisingly water resistant -- the fabric swells up when it gets wet, which closes the gaps between the weaves, making them pretty tight. all in all.