Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Bikepacking setup in progress

this is what I have so far for this year's go at the John Wayne Pioneer Trail:

ceramic mug for laughs 
It's bulky up front, and I'd like to pare it down but will probably live with it. Might need a sleeping bag in September. Underneath and holding all those items is my Blackburn Top-It rack. Right now the idea is to use small bags like the Revelate handle bar bag shown instead of panniers cuz I ain't got no front panniers and don't want to buy any. I can fit a Platypus Platy bottle on top the front rack, too.  There's another handlebar bag above the sleeping bag and bivy, and dual feed bags. One of the feed bags might have to go as it's a little cramped up front; I can probably attach one on the Bindle.

I've biked with the sleeping bag and other items in a bag hanging from the handlebars before, but there's just not much room between the drops on the Woodchipper bars.  The new Woodchipper  2 bars on the new Fargo Rival have more width, and I could've switched them out I suppose but I like having a larger handlebar bag up front.

Instead of a rear rack and panniers like last time, I  picked up the Portland Design Works Bindle Rack which solves the saggy butt-rocket problem.  It's  holding the Salsa Terrapin dry bag which gives me a lot more room than the Revelate Pika I have. Inside I'm packing clothes and stuff in ditty bags to keep things separate and make it easier to get to things.  I also fit a Platypus flat bottle between the Bindle and Terrapin. More water storage!

I took it out for a spin, and the bike road smoothly, no wiggle waggle. We'll say how it works when I get it fully loaded.

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