Saturday, July 15, 2017

R2T: Lake Easton to Ellensburg photo dump

Lake Easton was a good camping spot, and I got going a little late in the morning. A little warn out from my Issaquah escapade. A Bunch of pics from there to Ellensburg:

a party float! tempting

 Cle Elum

There's a Barbecue joint here in the old train depot, but it was unfortunately closed Monday.  I hung around for a bit, borrowing their electricity to recharge phone/batteries and ate some snacks.

On the dry side of the state now, but got a few rain drops.

Enter at your own risk! I dutifully signed the waiver, gathered up my courage, girded my loins, and forged onward.

Party Barn! A roadside attraction tempting me to get off track.


In Ellensburg, there was a nice trailhead with directions through town to the next trailhead.

ok that's it for now, shouldn't take me too long to post pics from Ellensburg to the Columbia River.

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