Friday, June 24, 2016

Here's the summer bike JWP Trail plan(s)

Plan a:

1. Bike down to Spokane train station in late night/early morning
2. box Fargo up
3. bike and I ride train to Seattle. 2:15am departure
4. in Seattle: unbox bike, then bike to John Wayne Pioneer Trail
5. bike to Spokane

Plan b:

1. Bike from Spokane via Fish Lake Trail > Columbia Plateau Trail > Belsby Road > JWPT to Columbia River
2. turn around and make a loop back to Spokane via other roads.

Plan a is winning out, that's why it's plan a.


  1. Sounds like a great plan to me.. Been researching the trail a bot over the past few weeks. I hope to rode eastbound late august if my plan comes together.. Best of luck

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    2. Thanks, Drew. Have you seen this planning sheet by a Chris?
      I was doing a lot of looking over maps and looking for options and found most everything there. A great resource ( had trouble editing)