Monday, January 4, 2016

2nd Day of the New Year Ride

I made it out on Saturday for a little excursion on the fatbike.  Instead of riding out to Riverside State Park, I rode around in the mostly flat parcel of land between Aubrey White Parkway and the ridge behind the Albi Stadium/Merkel area.  Technically, it might be even be part of Riverside State Park.  I usually ride through it on my way to RSP, but had noticed some trails in the snow while walking the dogs along the ridge.

from the Merkel Trail
 There are a few packed down trails that make for some good mostly easy riding.

While I was contemplating this sledding hill, a guy walking his dog came by.  He told me that a week or two ago, he saw a couple guys on fat bikes blazing the trails in the area.  Thanks to whomever you are!
it's steeper than it looks…honest
I came to the conclusion this hill was steeper and slicker than my liking, and also that I didn't want to break any bones, so I took a side trail down the hill.  I thought I took a picture of it, but all I find in my camera roll are more pics from the Merkel trail.

This area is a fun little spot to ride in, mostly flat with a couple hills, and not too far to get to from home in the Shadle/Audubon area. It extends from Rifle Club Road on the north end to the little parking spot off Aubrey White Parkway on the south end (about a mile or less north of the Bowl and Pitcher).

Time for a pic of the dogs:

dash and scout in the Joe Albi Stadium parking lot


  1. Nice. Still waiting for winter on Cape Cod. Got a taste today, but it's a return to the 40's F for the rest of the week.

  2. Last year we had hardly any snow, so this is great. January might bring warmer temps here depending on el nino, so I figure I need to get out on the snow while I can.

  3. Fat bike trail blazers! I love how we can still enjoy biking even with all the snow. There's a different kind of feel to it, more challenging, more fun.

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