Saturday, August 15, 2015

a few more pics & whatnot

I remember many bike rides by the wildlife I see while on them - owls, flickers, coyotes, mysterious bobcat type creature, moose etc.  This was on my way home on the trail above Pettet Drive.  Thought it was a stray dog at first:
He or she was closer to the trail when I rode by, and wasn't too concerned with me.  In fact I think she got annoyed with me when i didn't move along quickly, as he may have been watching a rodent hole. Quite different when I come across coyotes in the boondocks, where they turn tail and run away as fast as possible.

more wildlife, this time out at Riverside State Park - saw lots of deer this day:

In the great battles between bikers, walkers, runners, and skateboarders over who is the most annoying on the multi-use paths, I have come across the one we can all agree is the worst:

He swings the contraption back and forth with his body from one side to the other, keeping his feet flat and taking up the whole trail. The first time I saw him he was coming towards me, so I did what was natural - I started swerving back and forth, too.  He gave me a quizzical look, but gave me a little room to get by.  I gave him the bell this time, seemed pretty oblivious that there might be someone else on the trail.  Surprised I didn't yell at him.

REI has not acted yet on my suggestion to get a new bike rack out front:

an adventure by bike from the Shadle/Audubon area to Lowes Hardware on North Division is worth a full post, but for now just a pic:

the BoB trailer has its good and bad points - it needs a brake so it doesn't roll when you're trying to lock the bike up or load the trailer - but got the job done.

Another bike at the hardware store, this time River Ridge Hardware:

new sign in Riverfront Park - might slow down some of the bikers who train through riverfront.  Hasn't seemed to slow down the Park maintenance golf cart style vehicles much.

what do manly men drink after a grueling Midnight Century? a mimosa, of course!

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  1. A 5 MPH speed limit makes a bike facility worse than worthless.
    - Ventura