Thursday, May 1, 2014

the Bottom Half of April

continuing on with the 30 days of biking in April:
the Fargo and Trail 25. At one point I thought I'd do the
whole 30 days on one bike - the Vaya - but blew it when
Riverside State Park called one fine Saturday. 
a trail guardian

Tin Can Alley
 Easter , not bike related.  Sunflowers in Ephrata.
They are a slightly different balsamroot from the Arrowleaf
Balsamroot common in Spokane
more Fargo. Behind Joe Albi stadium just a couple
miles from home
facing the other way from previous pic

Wall Street, ahem, Pedestrian Mall from the skywalk.
parking patrol was talking to the guy in the pickup
Ospreys on a very windy day
bollard down - it happens every couple weeks or so.
There's just enough room for my bike and single pannier.
Today I noticed it was back up and moved over a little.
as Hank said, looking like John Boehner
in disguise

tons of iris along the new section of the Centennial Trail.
I've been wondering what's the story behind these - 
emergency Saturday morning dog food run   
and breakfast for us - discovered a helmet can double
as a shopping basket.

wild weather for the Lilac Century. I only did the 50 mile
course, was glad I had my helmet on when it hailed. 
4/30/14. Mt Spokane summit from Summit Blvd. (if you
embiggen the pic you might be able to see the mountain)

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