Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Off With the Studs!

Monday, the bike lane and sidewalk on Bridge Ave, freshly snowthrowed:

Today, 41 degrees F (where the heck is the degree symbol?) in the morning, near 50 on the way home, by Audubon Park:

Monday I rode the mtb on the sidewalk here on Milton, due to the snow.
Thanks to all the people who cleared their sidewalks! Today, can't believe the

This morning I was trying to decide what bike to take to work. Many side streets still covered in slush and snow. Fatbike? It's a great slush bike, except for all that stuff the tires throw up.  But main streets are bare and wet, and most streets will be completely clear by time I get off work. I put fenders on the Vaya, got it ready. Maybe I should just take the mountain bike and live with the clatter on the streets. Debbie says maybe you have too many bikes.

I rode the mountain bike for those rough spots on the way to work. Ride home was nice, even with the snap, crackle, pop of the studs. Ready to hang the bike up for the season.

Side note about the Bridge Ave and Post Street bike lanes: They weren't always plowed this year, and a couple times I salmoned up Post instead of using the bike lane since it was so rough. It's been great to see the city clearing the bike lanes there after the last couple snow storms.


  1. The snow is almost gone here also. The roads and MUP are clear enough that I'll also be riding tomorrow. Spring is approaching. Not much longer now.

  2. Yes, not much longer and looking forward to it. I've got to remember it's still winter, though. Even though we were well above freezing last night, the streets were icy this morning - something to do with the colder ground temperature.