Saturday, March 9, 2013

Last Winter Whine of the Season

"Aren't you cold?" "Sure must've been freezing on your way in today."

It was funny when it warmed up to the 30's in the morning and I was just thinking it felt good not to have to wear another layer and then I was asked these questions. Most people are just being friendly, but after a while I get tired of the comments.  Do skiers and snowboarders get asked this after every run down the mountain?

I try to be friendly and wave off the comments with a joke, or "felt good".  But seriously, you just have to dress for the weather.  And it does seem real cold outside to people who go from their house to the garage to the car to the parking garage to the skywalk to the office.

Maybe I just have a good internal heat machine, but I've found just a few layers - t-shirt, long sleeved lightweight pullover and light jacket is all that's needed when the temps are in the 30's. Depends on the moisture content in the air.  I'll pull on another  woolish long sleeve if needed and for temps in the 20's and teens.

There. I'm done, feel better.

Here's looking forward to summer.

"isn't it awful hot to be riding?"

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