Sunday, February 17, 2013

the Salsa Vaya at work. and play.

even has its own cubicle

perhaps about to trespass...don't see any no trespassing signs, though. yet.


  1. that looks like the river trail down by the mega church. If so: that's not trespassing at that point. It becomes trespassing if you continue north to the nunnery. Though I'm told that many people ride the nunnery section of the river trail and have done so for years without any issue.

    That is a capable and fun looking bike.

    just looking at your bike makes me want to ride that section of the river trail...

  2. yes, that is the river trail. Thanks for the info, I shall be careful and suppose I could make a forgive us our trespasses (groan) reference if I happen to wander into the forbidden zone. The trail is in surprisingly good condition, snow still in some spots, but mostly clear and fairly dry. Had to straddle-walk the bike a few times. the section right below some houses was wetter than the rest of it. It was fun.