Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ready for Spring

I like longer shorts, especially in milder spring and fall weather, so I went on a little shopping spree a couple weeks ago.

I'm gonna have to rename this blog Wileydog Cycle Chic

On the left: Zoic Reign Wind Knickers and on the right: REI Thetford 3/4 cargo pants.  I usually ride to work in work pants, but it's nice to have something lighter for my longer after work rides when the days get longer and warmer.  And for weekend rides.

I already have a pair of heavier Reign Knickers that are too small for me now and I've been looking for a replacement.  The Zoic Wind knickers are lightweight ripstop nylon. I don't really like the material,  but they'll do. I searched around and found them at Price Point, there's also some sizes in black at Performance Bicycle. I think they're a closeout item.

One problem, though: my wife declared the knickers "cute", so I might have to send them back! I wore my old black ones at a couple cyclocross races in 2010, and remember getting a couple funny looks. Was probably my imagination though as I felt a little out of place amongst most of the other racers in lycra bike shorts.

The REI shorts are a 75% cotton and Nylon blend. I've always preferred cotton and only in the last few years of my old age have gotten used to the feel of nylon/polyester, but this blend is good. Not as many pockets as the Zoic's, but they do have a zippered side pocket. I think they'll work out fine for bike riding, even though they rub a bit on the knee while pedaling.

I also considered the MUSA Knickers sold by Rivendell, and the Bicycle Fixation knickers that Cycling Spokane recommends (see review from 2008). I like the Fixations, but they're expensive and are currently out of the hemp in my size. I'm not sure about the MUSA's. They received a couple negative reviews on Rivendell's site; also I have an aversion to Mr. Rivendell's writing style that has practically turned me off on things Rivendell. C'est la vie!

At the Seattle Bike Expo we found some knickers at a booth by a company called Aero Tech Designs. Their Urban Pedal Pusher knickers come in blue or black, are only $39.95 and made in the U.S.A. They're a buy direct from the manufacturer operation.

There you have it. I'm a regular clothes horse.

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