Wednesday, December 14, 2011

REI Scratch & Dent Sale

A couple Saturdays ago my wife called to let me know that on her way to her hair appt she saw REI's Scratch & Dent sale was happening. I didn't need anything, but I headed down there after 10am anyway, not expecting to find much of anything. First thing I saw coming in off of Monroe street was that the Bike rack still had some nice bikes waiting to go to good homes. Then I saw the used Marin Muirwoods 29er for $279. Regular is $620?  Looked brand new. I shoulda snapped it up right then and there but hesitated. Ok ok, I already have a Muirwoods (currently loaned out to a friend), and I need a mountain bike, but this one is the 19 inch model that I looked at earlier in the year. I bought the 17-inch model a few years ago, and even though I'm barely 5'8", it felt a little small for me. I usually had the seatpost extended past the recommended limit. So I thought about it, thinking if I didn't need it I could give it to our friend or my brother who is looking for a bike.

I looked around for a bit and came back to the bike. It was now $179! And here it is now at a good home:

There's not much difference between this 2011 model and my other one which I think is a 2010. The downtube is a litttle less beefy, and it doesn't have the large plastic Marin decals (thankfully), but I think most everything else is the same, including the too wide handlebars and 28 x 1.6/42-622 tires. Both are heavy steel bikes, and it reminds me of last years' cyclocross race at Stanger Farm, trying to drag the beast up the muddy hill after the creek crossing.

I have the seatpost right at the limit, and it feels just right. It rides smoooth, smoother than I remember, but that may be because the tire pressure is low. It might even ride smoother than my Redline Conquest Sport which I've been using for commuting this year. Which is funny because the Sport felt so nimble and quick riding to work compared to the older Muirwood. I love the disc brakes - they are a huge improvement over the basic cantilevers on the Sport. (By the way, thanks to Two Wheel Transit, those canti's actually work now!)

Here's my old one for comparison - it's a little hard to see behind all the accessories, though.

I'm thinking I might have to be selfish and keep this one for me. It'll make a good winter commuter bike with some traction tires or studs on it.

Or sure I could be like this Alex guy  who got an REI bike on sale and "replaced a few components". Like the cranks, tires, pedals, handlebars, and grips...and oh yeah the fork and frame, too!

No I don't think so.


  1. score! those muir wood's bikes were the bargain of choice for the REI shop mechanics for a couple years ago -- super versatile cheap 29'ers. good platform, I hear.

  2. I still can't believe my luck and timing. It's a good solid bike. When I bought the 17 inch one a couple years ago I remember talking to one of the mechanics who had one and helped me decide on it. The fork and frame have plenty of room to put on some knobbier 29er tires, I think that's what the shop guy did for trail riding.