Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Riverside State Park trails - google maps

Put this under the Trail 25 Obsession Files.

I've been thinking I need to make a gps track of Trail 25 out at Riverside. I have the paper map produced by the Inland Empire Back Country Horsemen, but I'd like an electronic file, too.

In the meantime I found the Riverside State Park Foundation home over at google sites. Under the Things to Do tab they have picks for various activities like Hiking and Bicycling.  These pages have small inset google maps with - waddya know - all the trails marked in purple!  The map is small and a little difficult to read, but there's a link (Click here to view in Google Maps) for a larger map.  Except when I do that it opens a map page with only the Centennial Trail marked in purple, and all the other trails are missing. Not sure what's up with that.

Then I checked out the Equestrian page where there's another inset map with the trails marked, this time in red.  And clicking on the view in Google Maps links to a map page with a single loop trail that looks suspiciously like - wait it is - Trail 25. And there's a KML file also.

Well, looks like my work is already done. I think I'll still make my own gps map of the Trail, maybe  marking all the Mile post signs as waypoints.


  1. Here is the map link I found when I examined the source for that bicycling page:

    It looks like it shows the same set of trails as the parent page.
    - Ventura

  2. hey thanks, that's great. have it bookmarked.