Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fat bike-packing set-up

In case you want to know what's in everything, as best as I can remember:

Salsa Anything Cages on fork: had my Jetboil, couple packs of food and one or two other items in stuff sack in one, sundry odd shaped items in the other (extra MSR gas can, Steripen, chicken/tuna salad snack packs, etc.).  Found these cages work best with round or soft items like bedrolls or clothes. Or wrap small items in towel or shirt. More on that later.

RackTime Topit Rack: REI Quarter Dome Tent, sleeping bag in compression sack and ThermaRest roll. I zip tied a spare fat tube to the underside of the rack, making good use of all that space between the tire and the rack.

Revelate Tangle frame bag: pump, tool kit, Leatherman, jerky, trail mix, first aid kit, etc. 

Revelate Pika saddle bag: Clothes and small items in stuff sack, rain jacket, battery pack, dehydro food, more jerky & trail mix. And extra crap. I attached the shoes instead to the saddle rails after awhile and cinched the Pika up better so it was higher off the back tire.

Water: Topeak Modula XL with 1.5L bottle held on to down tube with hose clamps (idea from B.C. biker Vik, see here and here).  Hey Surly, some cage mounts down here would be nice. Thought of getting another Modula for the down tube as it sits lower than a regular cage and sort of fits under the Tangle, but it conflicts with the seat tube cage.   1L bottle on top of down tube.  The top of the seat tube bottle juts into the Tangle bag, but is workable.  32 Oz. reserve bottle in right Anything Cage stuff sack. Also, Camelbak with 100 oz reservoir. I figure the more water, the better.

The bike handled great loaded like this.  Pleased with this set-up, and it will work great on my Fargo also.

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