Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's No Polar Vortex But It's All We've Got

Woke up Wednesday and what was supposed to be an inch of snow turned into 3-4 inches. Two thoughts ran through my mind: Crap gotta shovel! Woo hoo another fatbike to work day! The Pugs N/R worked great, I had to pedal a little harder in the deeper stuff than skinny tires, but I plowed over everything - loose, packed, crunchy and fluffy snow. The ride home was something else - Elm Street from Kendall Yards through West Central was completely packed and ice smooth from curb to curb. But I rode slow and the Pugs handled it without too much sliding.

This morning we just had a little more snow, and I debated which bike to take and settled on the studded tire mountain bike since it was so slippery out. Debbie said "Are you sure?" I should've listened to her, as I barely made it to the end of the block before I turned around to get the Pugs. The studs just couldn't get any grip, and the tires - Winter Marathon 29 x 2.00 - were slipping all over. (Maybe a more knobby studded tire would work better than the Marathons.) But I didn't have any problems with the Pugs over the smooth packed snow.

The plan for tomorrow: more fatbike.

the pics above are from today - the color is off a bit as I keep on accidentally hitting the toner button on the camera phone.

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