Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gambling on the Snow Odds

Yesterday the roads were dry and ice-free so I rode the unstudded Vaya to work. Felt good to glide along smoothly on the streets instead of the rough clatter with the studded tires. This morning the forecast called for snow beginning at 6pm, so I gambled and rode the Vaya again. Yup, started snowing around 2pm.  I rode out after work with just a little trepidation.

Just a couple inches of light, fluffy snow, we aren't having the big snow storms other parts of the country are getting.  The Vaya handled pretty good in both the powdery stuff and the packed tire tracks. I daresay I had a better, easier ride than a lot of drivers I saw who were spinning wheels at stop signs and while going uphill.  I'd say that rates about a 7.5 on the BikeSmug-o-Meter.

Tomorrow looks like it could be a take your Pugs to work day.Sorry, not you guys.


  1. Bike smug-o-meter. Nice. I like it and will use it very often.

  2. thx, maybe I'll work up a graphic for it.