Saturday, June 8, 2013

the Huffy Rides Again

Well, sort of rides again.  This is the bike I started commuting on, and I thought it'd be fun to ride it to work again once or twice.  I filled the tires up with air and rode around the backyard and block.  It feels a little unstable and wobbly but after a bit I started getting a little used to it.

But it just looks and feels dangerous.  It's gotta weigh at least 50 pounds. The seat is gawdawful.  Did I really ride it with the handlebars up so high?

We loaned this bike to some friends who wanted to bike.  It came back pretty fast, and now they have a nice, real bike.  I thought about donating it somewhere, but after riding it I'm not sure.  Might just haul it down to the recycler.  But first, maybe I'll ride it next week to work for old time's sake.

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