Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's a reasonably Beautiful Day

Monday morning. Not much going on here, just a nice ride to work.

On Alberta, between Safeway and the nun's hat church. While fiddling with the
go pro, I got passed by another cyclist. Darn!

Further down on Alberta, although I almost didn't recognize it due to the wide angle
shot.  Think I'll set the camera back to 8mp medium angle from 11mp wide angle.

NW Blvd, looking east.  I left early and thought I'd miss the traffic, but no such luck this time. 

A little further down on the Blvd, looking west.

Belt, before Indiana, where cars like to zip through the intersection without stopping.
Wait, that's every intersection I come across. Not bitter, but don't mention to me how you see
bikes never stop at stop signs.

On Broadway, between Indaba and another church.  I think they serve beer now. Indaba I mean.
Should stop in after work.

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