Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Surly Pugsley NR + BOB Trailer

After I got the Neck Romancer I hooked it up to my BOB trailer and was disappointed to find the knobs on the left side of the Nate 4.0 tires rubbed against the trailer yoke/fork. 

Last weekend I gave it another try.  I've read where some people hooked their Pugs right up to the BOB, while others did some bending of the trailer yoke and/or modifications to the BOB axle. I got out the crowbar, wonder bar, pliers, and workmate.  I didn't need any tools, though, because all it took was some pulling with my brute strength on the trailer fork while it was attached to the bike.  It worked best to pull on the stem (the part where it swivels).  I also flipped over the BOB QR Sleeve at the end of the axle on the left side, which gained me maybe a micro-millimeter of clearance by the tire.

I didn't gain much clearance but it was enough.   I figure I can work on it a bit more. Ignore the duct tape, that's where I planned on using the crowbar. 

Yessiree I test rode this around the neighborhood with a kitty litter bucket filled with water. Always willing to entertain the neighbors. 

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