Wednesday, May 15, 2013

random bike pics from last few months

all i got is a photograph. or two...just a little photo dump today. 

Somewhere outside Spokane, February.  

Bike polo - Capitol Hill, Seattle

Under the freeway, I-5 Colonade Mountain Bike/Dog Park - perfect combo for a guy and gal with two dogs.  But if the sign warns full face helmet and body armor HIGHLY recommended, I probably shouldn't be riding it.  As it was, I managed to fall off my bike and rip my shorts just trying to dismount.  Had the Vaya with me so couldn't really ride much of it, which is just as well.  A lot of it is a bit beyond my capabilities.  The dogs enjoyed the dog park part.

Somewhere on Trail 25, Riverside State Park. I tell ya, this park was made for fat bikes, or the Necromancer was made for this park.  On this particular ride I didn't feel like stopping and getting out the phone for pics until I came to this ravine/canyon where the trail goes through the dry creek bed.

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