Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Downtown Bike Lockers

Walking by these boxes in the parking lot at the corner of Washington and Spokane Falls Blvd, you might not realize what they are with a casual glance.  They look like they might hold some type of electrical equipment.

But they're bike lockers, and I'd practically forgotten about them until I was thinking I might want to ride my fat bike to work sometimes next winter.  I was wondering how was I going to fit the Pugsley Neck Romancer in the elevator.  (Yes I seriously was thinking about next winter. But only for a moment. Maybe a couple moments.)

When they first put these in a year or so ago, I thought about renting one.  Not just for biking to work, but also for downtown visits and events like Bloomsday and Pig Out in the Park. The rent is $60 for 6 months with a $30 security deposit.  They'e a few blocks from my work, and I'm always pressed for time in the morning so I didn't rent one.  There are 8 spots, and only 2 or 3 seemed to be in use, the rest were unlocked and open.

This one above was home to a wasp family, whose home I reflexively knocked down. Sorry about that.  The Vaya fit with room to spare, but I'm not sure about a fat bike.

They seem somewhat secure.  I might feel a little uneasy leaving the Vaya inside.  In fact, I think I was told by a certain someone "you're not parking the Vaya inside one". I'd feel better if there was an attachment to also lock the bike to inside.

Cycle Safe is the company that makes these.  Info on renting on is here at the Spokane Convention Center's website.

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