Monday, May 20, 2013

Elephant sighting in Cambridge, Mass.

I was browsing bike blogs last month or so and came across a post on Lovely Bicycle titled The Service Oriented Bike Shop.

Halfway down there's a picture of a red bike with  "Elephant"  on the down tube.  The logo looks a bit different than what I've seen around town, but it had a wishbone seat stay ( I think that's what it is - the part above the rear wheel). Sure enough, the blogger known as Velouria helpfully points out in her comment on the Flicker set that goes with the post, "It is a 650B touring bike from Elephant Bikes in Seattle; you can see the complete bike if you browse their picture gallery".

I didn't find the bike in the Gallery, but from the couple pics on Lovely Bicycle, it's a good looking bike.

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