Saturday, December 29, 2012

TSB Club Challenge Day 6?

I think today is officially Day 6 (Saturday) of Tarik Saleh's Bike Club challenge, Day 4 for me since I skipped or missed the first two.

Debbie had a run near downtown today so the plan was to ride down and meet her there and then go out for breakfast at Dolly's with some friends.  I was moving real slow this morning but I finally got moving after about 4 cups of coffee.

Time to put the flannel lined jeans on:

Little snow is left on the main streets, so I got on a bike without studded tires - yea! - and headed down.  Stopped at REI to check out what was left at the used gear sale.  Saw a couple good deals on a Scott Sportster and a Raleigh cross bike that nobody had snapped up yet.

After the usual debate about where to go to breakfast - Dolly's, Franks, let's see, we were just at Central Food and also Alpine Bistro last week - we settled on Hogan's.  It's next to Trader Joe's and we're low on the 49cent Tuna for Cats and other essentials.  This is where I cheated - I didn't want everybody waiting for me while I tooled up the South Hill on my bike and probably getting lost, so I put the bike on the truck.  Good thing we still have the rack on it.  Not really cutting down on our carbon footprint, though, eh? We followed our friends to Joe's. They're from the South Hill and knew the quickest way to get there. Coming from the North Side it seems like you drive forever to get there, but it turns out it's not as far as I thought and could've ridden there without keeping everybody waiting long.

After breakfast & Trader Joe's I hopped on the bike and headed down the hill.  It did work out pretty good for me in that I biked down the South Hill instead of up it.

Stopped at Lincoln Park and tooled around the loop:

I meandered down the hill, took a few wrong turns and found the big staircase on Perry and a few other parts of the hill I hadn't seen before.

A couple good rides on a good bike.  Added just over 18 miles to the 27 commuting miles


  1. My new fave breakfast place is Jenny's, 1412 W 2nd, just down the street from Frank's. No frills, all breakfast-business. And TALL glasses of OJ.

  2. thanks, we'll have to give it a try