Sunday, December 30, 2012

Biking on thin ice

Today I thought the most biking I'd get in would be a couple blocks to get some coffee, which probably would've met the stringent requirements of the challenge.

But my wife sent me out the door and told me to get some miles in. So I obeyed. I told her I'd cross the TJ Meenach Bridge and check out the Centennial Trail to see if it was rideable.  In case I don't return by nightfall, she likes to know where I'm biking.  I took the road down from Downriver Golf Course planning on turning left on to Downriver Drive, but instead I turned right because I thought I'd first check out the Bowl and Pitcher area at Riverside State Park.  There were a few cars in the lot. Of course, then I had walk across the bridge there.

So I threw all caution to the wind and abandoned my planned ride.  Took the trail that leads up to the Centennial Trail from there and found it was mostly easy riding on the mountain bike. Crossed the Centennial Trail where it was a mixture of easy to stuck in the snow riding.  Mostly easy to follow the other bike tracks in the snow.

I tooled around for a bit on trails 212, 211 and 210 and a few others I came across; hit the Centennial a couple times and met a few people on it; made my way to the 7-Mile airstrip area.

There were a few puddles covered with a thin layer of ice and snow:

this would be the biking on thin ice part...not quite as dramatic as it sounds

One of the wider forest road style trails.  Although, it also looks a bit like the Centennial.

A few trails became unrideable on 29er tires or too much work after awhile so I headed back. About 17 miles total.

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