Wednesday, October 10, 2012

whoops, wrong trail!

I was riding back from Riverside State Park last weekend, and decided to take the trail home up to Merkel Sports Center. It's a little steep, but not too bad.  I was tired and thought it'd be quicker than going by Downriver Golf Course.

But halfway up, something didn't feel right.  The trail was supposed to be a gradual climb to the left up the side of the hill, but I was going straight up.  What? Somehow, I took the wrong trail and was heading up towards Fairmount Cemetery.
it's steeper than it looks, honest
Stopped and looked around, taking some time to appreciate the view. And to catch my breath. I got off my bike and walked up the rest of the way.

Today on my way home I stopped by to investigate where I went wrong.  This is the trail I took on Sunday.  One of the trails from Aubrey White Pkwy leads straight to this one.

This is the trail just a bit to the north that I should have taken:

I think I have it straight now.

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