Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a little too color coordinated (rain gear)

Red helmet, red backpack cover, red jacket. I didn't plan this. Honest.  Bits of gear I bought at different times.  I don't even like red that much.  Sure.

Luckily I stowed my stow-able rain jacket in the pack Monday morning, because by the time I left work for home it was pouring.  But when I pulled out the bright red jacket, and then pulled out the bright red backpack cover, and looked at my red helmet, I said sheesh! this is too much.  

Not sure when was the last time rode in the rain it's been so long, but the ride from downtown to the Shadle area wasn't too bad.  Got caught without fenders on (just a rear rack), but what's a little tire spray when the clouds are emptying? Canvas shoes got soaked through and pants, too.  I didn't pack rain pants as I didn't want to bother with them - they're just a pain. But maybe I should carry them from now on.  

I happened to notice some snow pants at the Escape Outdoors store on Monday and wondered how they'd work for biking.  They had a red pair.  Hmm...

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