Monday, June 26, 2017

Rail to Trail: Snoqualmie - Easton. More pics, Less words

Mid-July 2016: Snoqualmie, WA

Ok, so I've gotten recharged after my not-so-epic journey from Issaquah and I'm biking through Snoqualmie.  Taking the Centennial Trail to the Snoqualmie Valley Trail.  Nothing too exciting to report about in this section, just follow the gravel/dirt trail.  Went by another golf course before North Bend and filled up with water.  Chris' route leaves the Snoq. Valley Trail in North Bend and takes a more direct route - there might be a brewery worth visiting - but I stayed on the trail as it meandered along.

I triumphantly reach Rattlesnake Lake, and the Cedar Falls Trailhead:

I kept my gopro in the Revelate Feedbag for easy access, and usually took pics with it, sometimes my phone.
Watched the rock climbers for a bit

I remember more people on the early section of the trail. I think I was so happy to finally be on the trail, that I just biked and didn't take many pics at first.  Passed the young couple on their way back from Lake Keechelus - "oh there you are you made it!"

Snoqualmie Tunnel - it's a long one, over 2 miles

Keechelus Lake

It wasn't too late, and I didn't feel like sleeping with the bears by myself at Keechelus, so I pushed on to Lake Easton State Park.

 Lake Easton has some good bike camping spots, and I spent the night there in relative comfort especially compared to the night before.

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