Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snoqualmie Tunnel/Bellevue to Seattle

Photo dump from a trip to Seattle area last Labor Day Weekend. We stopped at the Hyak Trailhead and rode through the Snoqualmie Tunnel and on the Iron Horse State Park/John Wayne Pioneer Trail for a bit. Stayed in Factoria, took the Factoria Trail to the Mountains to Sound/I-90 Trail to Bellevue and Mercer Island.  Then in true Wileydog family fashion we kept going and somehow hauled the dogs all the way to the end of the I-90 trail in Seattle, to the International District, then waterfront, to Fremont, University District and back to Factoria. Didn't mean to go that far, just thought we'd ride to Mercer Island.

Snoqualmie tunnel was cool to ride through. Long, dark and the air was close, stuffy. A whole lot different from riding through the Taft Tunnel on the Hiawatha Trail. Debbie says we'll have to back to the Iron Horse State Park, but she will never ride through the tunnel again. And no to bike camping. There should be some bed and breakfasts along the trail, then we could do some bike glamping.

Pics got out of order and blooger acting funny so left as is:

some smoked salmon & chips, please
yep the dogs had a lantern in their trailer
a Bellevue Park:
a Seattle or Mercer Island Park:

the I-90 Bike tunnel:

Lake Washington Blvd if I remember right:
Time to ride back over the bridge:

I let Debbie haul the dogs for a bit, and try out the Vaya
I like riding in Seattle, there's a good network of bike routes to get from one neighborhood to the next. We had a little trouble in spots from the U-District back to I-90, and weren't sure of a good way to get to West Seattle, but overall did pretty good finding our way.

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