Friday, March 30, 2012


So it looks like we've broken some sort of rain record for March in Spokane. Like everybody else I hated to see the rain return after last Sunday's sunny day. But like any respectable Beatles fanatic/cyclist, I've had "Rain" running in my head for the last week (or more) on my commute:

If the rain comes
they run and hide their heads
they might as well be dead
if the rain comes, if the rain comes
rain, i don't mind
shine, the weather's fine

A guy at work came in from outside and told me he was tired of people saying to him "What, you were outside in the rain?" Told him don't I know it.

But I am ready for "Good Day Sunshine" to replace "Rain" in my head.


  1. A shift cable broke on my commute bike so I had to ride my cross bike to work for the first three days this week. No fenders so the tires flung stuff all over me. People at work look at me and ask, "Don't you get tired of getting cold, wet and dirty?"

    I respond with a question. Did you get to splash through water and mud and have fun on your way to work today? 'Cause I did.

  2. hey that's a good response!
    funny, I rode my fenderless cross bike a couple days this week, too. flat tire on my normal bike, that iI must not have patched too well because it flatted again overnight. At least I'm getting good use out of my rain jacket and pants this month.