Sunday, September 29, 2013

Alberta St. to NW Blvd

I usually ride down the wider left lane on the one-way section of Alberta between Driscoll and Northwest Blvd on my way to work. The funny thing about this left lane that was made wider for bikes - not many cyclists want to turn from the left lane onto NW Blvd.

I turn left onto Euclid a block before NW Blvd, preferring not to turn left with the two lanes of traffic. I make my way to Hemlock where I cross NW Blvd between the Chase Bank and Java Jitters.  I can either go east on NW Blvd to Belt or ride past the barrier where Hemlock is blocked off, and go south.

Other bikers like to ride down the right lane on Alberta and turn left onto NW Blvd, which I tried again last week.

The only problem I have with this, is I've seen drivers swerve over from the left turn lane, cross the right lane all the way to the right turn lane to TJ Meenach Drive.  I feel like I might get in the way of one of those drivers who forgot they need to be in the right lane. But my wife prefers going this way, as  she doesn't like to cross the 5 lanes of NW Blvd.  Well, there have been some vehicle/pedestrian collisions on NW Blvd.  She says she feels comfortable owning the lane and feels it's natural to go the way she would if driving.  Me, I don't like to turn left onto NW Blvd, but have no problem crossing the 5 lanes at Hemlock. Go figure.  I did feel this time that I rode the right lane that drivers were aware of me, though.

Below: Past the intersection.  A neighbor woman I work with also bikes this way and will take the sidewalk. A good option which I also take sometimes, with cars going by at 35+ mph.

So there you have it - NW Blvd two ways.

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