Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wall Street "Pedestrian Mall"

I may have complained before about all the vehicles driving on the brick-paved portion of Wall Street between Spokane Falls Blvd and Riverside Ave.  It's been called a Pedestrian Mall.  Eventually I resigned myself to the number of vehicles cutting through it in the morning to get to the River Park Square Garage or dropping off people for work.

I walk on this street almost daily during the work week, and it started bothering me again, the bus going up and down the street sometimes at an unsafe speed, the 20 mph speed limit, the cars disregarding the no turn signs or local access only signs, no entry except transit sign.  I understand the delivery trucks gotta use it.  But then it really started bothering me about the time I was on my bike, stopping at the light on Main and a car turned left onto Wall, cut the corner and headed straight for me. And kept heading straight for me.  I never have the GoPro hooked up when I need it.

This is what people see before they turn on to Wall:

This is what they do:

Maybe local access only doesn't mean what I think it does - that you can't use the street to get to another street.  But I wrote a letter to the city to see if they could perhaps enforce it, and suggesting the 20mph speed limit is a bit high, and perhaps the buses should slow down a bit, too. I'm half afraid they'll write back and tell me bikes aren't allowed on it, but I decided to take the chance.  Try telling the Jimmy Johns delivery bikers they can't use it.

So if you see a handmade sign there, saying No Access to the Parking Garage, I don't know anything about it.

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